Behnaz Farahi

Assistant Professor of Design, California State University, Long Beach

Panel: Bias in AI

Behnaz Farahi, Can the Subaltern Speak?, 2020. Courtesy of the artist.

Behnaz Farahi designs and builds wearable technology and installations that render the charged space between bodies sensible as kinetic, colorful displays. Her wearables allow clothing to emote energetically. Exploring a range of possible expressive modalities, and operating within the ambiguous embodiment of guarded and inquisitive looking, Farahi endows AI with a sensitivity to this kinesis of mutual visibility. Her participation in the “Bias and AI” panel brings such subtlety of AI-generated pattern languages to the discussion of mutual respect embedded in computer technology. 

Biography: CSU Long Beach
Social: Instagram | Vimeo

Behnaz Farahi. Credit: Rudolf Bekker.

Symposium Schedule

Panel: Bias in AI
Live Presentation & Q&A
Wednesday, April 7, 2021 / 11:00am–1:00pm EST
Location: Livestream

Related Works

Can the Subaltern Speak?


In this project by Farahi, inspired by the intriguing historical masks worn by the Bandari women from southern Iran, two masks begin to develop their own language to communicate with each other, blinking their eyelashes in rapid succession using AI-generated Morse code.

3D-Printed Body Architecture

2017, Architectural Design

Behnaz Farahi guest edits this issue of Architectural Design, which focuses on a strand of 3D-printing practice emerging among architects working with the fashion industry to produce some exquisitely designed 3D-printed wearables.

Iridescence: Bio-Inspired Emotive Matter

2019, ACADIA 2019: Ubiquity and Autonomy

Iridescence is a 3D-printed, Emotive Collar. The project was commissioned by the Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago for a 15-month exhibition entitled Wired to Wear opening on March 21, 2019.